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Our step by step branding methods are proven to attract and retain loyal customers.

Brand Identity

From your colors to your story to your products to your name, our branding expertise will attract and retain loyal customers for your business.

Web Design

Attract and retain loyal customers by letting us design a beautiful website for your business, just like we did for ourselves.

Digital Marketing

​Social media marketing, page management, integrated campaigns, and community engagement to attract and retain loyal customers.

Graphic Design

We create logos, collateral, cards, and more to attract and retain loyal customers for your business.


Optimize your search engine visibility to attract and retain loyal customers with your website.


Get paying customers to see your content with one of the most cost effective marketing strategies.

Brand Identity

Brand Essence

A statement that conveys the qualities, values, and emotions that customers who use your product will experience. Our brand essence statement is: Pacific Coast Graphic Designs: Creating Value.

Brand Story

A story that recounts the events that sparked your company’s inception and expresses how that narrative still drives your mission. Read our brand story here.

Mission Statement

A statement that summarizes the reason for the existence of an establishment.  Our mission is to attract and retain loyal customers by providing them with a product that looks good, works well, and touches hearts. 

Visual Identity

Your visual identity is your logo, pictures, fonts, colors, and other creative design. We will display it strategically across your media outlets to build brand recognition.

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Web Design

Domain names

When starting a new website, helping our clients pick the correct domain name is the first thing we do.  After that, we can manage the  hosting plan and setup by utilizing our expertise in the area. That way, our clients get only what they need at the best price.

Website Building

Our websites are fast, smooth, and beautiful. They usually go up in just a few weeks, because the designs are done by professionals who have experience with the page building software. 

Web Management

Since managing a website tends to be difficult for people with limited experience, many of our clients find it useful to have us do it.  If we build an eCommerce site or any other site that will process electronic payments, we require a mandatory fee for ongoing maintenance.    

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Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Audit

We start by diagnosing your methods– all the practices, strategies, and outcomes of how your business has been marketing so far. That way we can help you determine how effective your existing marketing channels are.

Marketing Strategy

We create a strategy and outline all the tactics to get you from where you are now, to where you want to go. We do this by defining  your marketing goals and objectives for your business, Identifying your main target audiences and where they can be reached online, and we help you determine how your brand as a whole ought to be marketed.

Integrated Campaigns

Integrated campaigns are marketing campaigns that hit hard with one or more defined objectives across multiple media fronts. It essentially means that we can send customers a consistent message on your website, your social media, your emails, and your collateral in a harmonic strategy that is an effective sales funnel.  

Targeted Ads

Targeted ads are used to turn potential clients of a promising demographic into paying customers. They are one of the most powerful marketing tools of the modern era, and we use them on demographics that are highly likely to purchase the advertised product.

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We are strongest on Facebook.

For most small businesses,  there are only a couple of social networks that they should be focusing on at once. 

Good content in and of itself won’t help your SEO. Good content presented in the right way can help it.

As newbies ourselves, we feel the best course of action is to find the correct niche, treat your customers with respect, keep track of your spending, and continually seek knowledge about your industry.

We are branding experts. We can design, plan, and execute your online presence from the very inception of your brand.  While we plan and design all media, We sometimes subcontract photography, video, and search engine optimization.  

Yes! Our content Planning and execution process starts rolling in a matter of weeks.  

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